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How Does Drug Addiction Affect Social Security?

July 13, 2017
If you want the answer to the question, “how does drug addiction affect social security,” it is important to know that social security benefits do not cover drug addiction. If you are seeking social security benefits because of drug addiction, you will be denied. However, if you are — or were in the past — […]
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Getting Social Security Benefits for Mental Disabilities

Struggling with a mental illness is a serious issue. If you’re someone living with a mental illness such as depression, OCD, anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder, then you know it can be a huge strain on your job as well as your personal life. Mental illnesses are often just as serious as physical ones. Fortunately, […]
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Trump’s Employment Freeze Causes Wait Times to Grow

April 10, 2017
If you’re waiting for a social security disability claim settlement, then you know there are few things more frustrating than biding time until your hearing — especially when the benefits you will receive are essential to your day-to-day living. As of last spring, the average wait time for a hearing was just under a year […]
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What Are My Chances of Winning a Workers Comp Appeal?

April 3, 2017
Unfortunately, the chances of winning a workers comp appeal is impossible to say for sure. Every situation is different; therefore, factors and variables will affect everyone’s chances differently. We’ll give you a few statistics for the workers’ comp appeals process. When a compensation claim is at the reconsideration level, there’s an 85% chance it will […]
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How Do I Prove Credibility of My Symptoms?

February 13, 2017
In order to keep your Social Security benefits, you’re going to need to prove to the Social Security Administration that your disabilities and symptoms are as severe as you claim. This can be difficult to prove when symptoms such as exhaustion, memory loss, and difficulties with communicating or your senses are based on your word. […]
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