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Oxner + Permar Gives Back: Informing the Community


Oxner + Permar Gives Back: Informing the Community

At Oxner + Permar, we believe in giving back in a variety of ways, including providing valuable educational opportunities. It’s important that all citizens of the community are informed of their rights. Making information freely available is a huge part of ensuring that the community is aware of the the laws that concern their everyday life. That’s why we like to host informational events in and around the Greensboro area.

On June 23rd, we helped host an informational event at Daystar Church. The goal of this event was to speak on issues that affect the Hispanic community of Greensboro. We had a variety of speakers such as Eric Ramirez, one of our distinguished workers’ compensation attorneys.

We also heard from Jessica Yañez (Yañez Immigration Law), who spoke about the laws and regulations that often come into play with immigration. The Immigrants Rights Working Group joined us to talk about the different ways that they provide services to immigrants in the U.S. The group is dedicated to fighting anti-immigration policy, supporting immigration cases, and providing education on immigration law. And FaithAction International House partnered with us as advocates for immigrants working to build understanding and a sense of belonging. Finally, the Greensboro Police Department provided information and support, which we appreciate as well. It takes all kinds of partners to help ensure our community is well informed and well supported.

After a brief overview from each of the presenters on their area of expertise, we opened up the floor for a Q&A session. This was an excellent opportunity for members of the community to ask question and stay informed of their rights. We’re so glad this was such a successful event, and we hope to see you at the next one!

We plan to host more of these informative events in the future, so if you have any interest in volunteering or attending follow us on Facebook for more information!

Oxner + Permar Gives Back: Habitat for Humanity



At Oxner + Permar, we’re not only passionate about our clients, we’re also passionate about giving back to our communities. In May, we had the awesome experience of getting to work with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is an incredible organization that builds homes for families in need.

They work with a variety of volunteers and companies to help get these homes built. So, on May 13th, we spent the weekend helping with a build in Greensboro. Eleven members from our office met up with a team through the Greensboro Bar Association and came together to build this home.

It was such an incredible experience! For one, the family was there working with us to shingle the roof. We had a great time getting to know the family and talking with them about their experiences. Everyone was so kind. Some of the other volunteers were also hoping to seek help from Habitat for Humanity. They’d put their applications for assistance in, but in order to be considered, they needed to log a certain number of volunteer hours with Habitat.


And in the end, we got the roof finished! We had such a wonderful time getting to know everybody, and spending a day giving back to the community. It’s truly a wonderful opportunity to not only lend a hand, but get to meet the people we were helping. We’re looking forward to our next opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity!



If you’re interested in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or have any questions about their organization, be sure to visit their website!


What to Do in an Immigration Emergency


What to Do in an Immigration Emergency

In our current political climate, it’s a particularly scary time in the United States for immigrants. With tightening laws and crackdowns on immigration, many people are concerned about their status and residency.


While we do not handle immigration law, we’ve reached out to an immigration attorney for advice on what to do if you’re confronted about your immigration status as well as ways to protect yourself and your loved ones should your residency status ever be questioned.

  1. Remain Calm and Do Not Lie
    Being confronted by an official can be very stressful; however, it’s important that you remain calm and answer questions honestly. Lying can make your situation much worse.
  2. Carry a Photo ID with You at All Times
    If you do not have a North Carolina driver’s license or ID card, you should be able to use your unexpired passport.
  3. Do Not Carry Any False Documents
    False documents are worse than no documents. It’s not worth the risk.
  4. Carry Proof of Residency
    If you entered the U.S. lawfully, keep your I-94 form and any other evidence you might have on you at all times. If you entered without inspection (EWI), keep evidence of at least two years of continuous physical presence either with you or in your vehicle.
  5. Carry Your Attorney’s Business Card and Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent
    This will allow you to call your lawyer at any time, should you need to. And remember, you have the right to remain silent. You do not need to answer where you were born or how you arrived in the United States.
  6. Do Not Sign Anything You Don’t Fully Understand
    ICE may present you with a paper waiving your right to a hearing before an Immigration Judge. If you’re unsure what you’re signing or why you’re signing it, do not sign.
  7. Create a Folder with Proof of Residence for You and Your Family Members
    This folder should contain documents that show you have citizen or resident relatives as well as your own continuous physical residence in the United States, property ties, employment, documentation of any disability or medical condition, and prior immigration documents. You should keep this folder with a trusted family member or friend who has lawful status in the United States.
  8. If You Have Ever Been Charged with a Crime, Keep the Records
    If you’ve been charged with a crime, obtain the records. Get certified copies of the charging document and disposition document, including a copy of any deferred prosecution agreement. If the record has been destroyed, you will need to get a letter from the Clerk of Court with a raised seal stating that the record has been destroyed. Keep these records with a trusted family member or friend who has lawful residence in the United States.
  9. Make Sure Your Name is on Your Child’s Birth Certificate
    If your child is a United States citizen and your name is not on their birth certificate, you need to get the birth certificate changed to show your name.
  10. Make Arrangements for Your Children In Case You Are Detained
    If your children are under the age of 18, you should have a plan of where they will stay if you are suddenly detained. It might be a good idea to sign legal documents such as power of attorney; however, you should not sign these documents without speaking to a lawyer first.


If you need advice on immigration issues or questions about residency, we can recommend an immigration lawyer. If you’ve been injured at work, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Workers can qualify for workers’ compensation regardless of residency status.  

Oxner + Permar Gives Back: A Simple Gesture



Oxner + Permar Gives Back: A Simple Gesture

We talked last month about a couple of charities that Oxner + Permar is proud to work with, and this month we thought we’d share another. A Simple Gesture is a wonderful program dedicated to making sure that food banks and pantries are fully stocked with everything they need to help serve the community. While this program has a national reach, we work directly with the Greensboro branch to ensure that we’re doing our part for our community.

Participation is, as the name suggests, simple. But it makes a huge difference! Every month we give our employees little green bags. When they go to the grocery store, the just need to buy an additional nonperishable food item to fill the bag. Then, once a month, a volunteer comes to collect all of our full green bags. They distribute the bags to organizations such as Out of the Garden, The Greensboro Urban Ministry, Backpack Beginnings and Jewish Family Services.


All of the organizations that A Simple Gesture donates to have waiting lists to fill. It makes us happy to know that we’re helping to alleviate some of that need. If you’re interested in helping out or donating to A Simple Gesture, get your company involved, or sign up as an individual! Volunteers will drive to your house to collect your green bag, which means you can give without having to take time out of your busy routine.


If you have any questions about volunteering or donating to A Simple Gesture, be sure to visit their website for more details. 

Board Certified Attorney Bios

Board Certified Attorney Bios

We’ve talked in past blogs about what it means to be a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, and if you’ve read those posts, you know it’s no small feat. We take great pride in our attorneys who have achieved Board Certification, and so we thought we’d introduce the 8 Board Certified attorneys we have here at Oxner + Permar: 


Todd Oxner- Todd is one of the founders and managing partners of Oxner + Permar. On top of being board certified, he is also a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is most proud of being able to help injured workers from step one all the way through their workers’ comp claims.


Chip Permar- Another one of the founders and managing partners of Oxner + Permar, Chip is a native of Greensboro. He also is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates forum. Chip is an alumni of NC State university where he double majored in Political Science and History.


Joel Davis- In addition to being Board Certified, Joel is AV rated — the highest peer reviewed rating a lawyer can receive based on their ethical standards and legal ability. He also spends his time participating in food drives, volunteering for Urban Ministries, and working on projects with the Knights of Columbus.


Justin Wraight- Originally from New York, Justin graduated from Elmira College with a degree in Mathematics. Having spent considerable time volunteering in a Legal Aide’s office, he saw first-hand a lot of the struggles his clients went through. This experience inspired his decision to go into workers’ compensation law.


John Landry Jr.- John brings outstanding experience with general law practice to the Oxner + Permar team. Previously, he defended insurance companies and employers, so he knows what it’s like to work for “the other side.”


Kristin Henrikson- Kristin is licensed in both North and South Carolina, and as such has represented clients in both states. Wanting to represent the interests of injured workers, she joined the Oxner + Permar team in 2009.


Megan Callahan- Megan has always been driven by her desire to help others. Her undergraduate degree from NC State is in Sociology, which she said has allowed her to connect with and understand others.


Oxner + Permar has more Board Certified members than any other firm in the state. To find out more about our team, feel free to contact us or visit our website.