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What is the Million Dollar Advocates Forum?

Workers' Compensation

What is the Million Dollar Advocates Forum?

What is it that sets your attorney apart? Have they won any special awards? Do they have more experience than others? How can you know if your attorney really is the best?


There are certain awards and accreditations that attorneys receive that prove they go the extra mile, and that they’re truly as good at their job as they claim to be. We’ve talked in past blogs about Board Certified Attorneys. However, Board Certification is not the only award an attorney can receive. Have you ever heard of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum?


You might not realize straight away that members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum are lawyers. You might be imagining an exclusive club of rich and powerful celebrities—and you’d be partially right! The Million Dollar Advocates forum is a very exclusive group: fewer than 1% of attorneys in the U.S. are members.


So what does it take to become a member of the Million Dollar Advocates forum? You have to have won a trial with a verdict or settlement of at least $1 million. If an attorney can achieve this, then they will have proven their ability to get superior results in complex court cases.


Oxner + Permar has multiple attorneys on staff who are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which means that when you work with us, you’re working with attorneys who have the experience and capability to take on any case. They know how to navigate the intricacies of workers’ compensation law and obtain superior results.


If you have any questions about your workers’ compensation claim, or would like to get in touch with a member of our outstanding team, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

More Construction Means More Workers’ Comp Claims


More Construction Means More Workers’ Comp Claims

It’s impossible to overlook it. New construction is going up everywhere in the Triangle. Whether it’s the newest set of apartments around the corner or the new shopping center that’s expanding down the street, it’s inescapable. Have you seen the Catholic Cathedral that’s going up off Centennial Parkway near the NC State campus? It’s massive! And it’s not even at the top of the list of the most expensive construction projects happening in the Triangle this year.


I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about all the construction: Some people are really excited about all of the growth and the opportunities for new jobs. Others are annoyed with the noise and traffic that comes with construction and the congestion that comes with an increase in visitors or overall population.


Whether you love it or hate it, the fact is that this growth doesn’t seem to be going anywhere — which is great for the construction industry who falls firmly on the “love it” side of things. But with all of this new construction comes construction-related dangers. When more people are working, the chance of injury is going to be higher. So it’s important to keep proper safety guidelines in mind.


If you are injured at work, be sure to file a workers’ compensation claim. Most work-related injuries are covered by workman’s comp. Workers’ comp claims can be a long process, so it never hurts to have a workers’ comp attorney on your side who can help guide you through your claim.


If you’re injured at work, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. With more than $275 million in awards and settlements, Oxner + Permar has the experience to make sure you’re getting the benefits you deserve.

Can I talk to an attorney TODAY?

Can I talk to an attorney TODAY?

We know that with a lot of big law firms, it can be hard to get a hold of an actual attorney — especially if you’re trying to get in touch before you’re taken on as a client. At Oxner + Permar, we’ve never been fans of extensive intake interviews being handled by staff who are not attorneys. For one, how can you know for sure you want to hire a certain attorney that you’ve never spoken to? What if the law firm’s intake personnel over-promised and didn’t reflect the reality of your case to you? Maybe the actual attorney isn’t confident that you have a good case at all. 


That’s why when you call Oxner + Permar, you’ll be speaking with one of our attorneys directly. Our intake department consists of actual attorneys. So if you have a question about a new claim, it will be reviewed by an attorney TODAY. What’s more, if you have any questions or concerns about your claim, you can ask and the attorney you’re speaking to can give you an answer on the spot.


This takes away the stress of waiting around for someone to answer your questions. You won’t have to wait for the attorney to get back with you at Oxner + Permar. You’ll have them on the phone and they’ll be able to answer your questions right away.


If you have a workers’ comp claim, be sure to give Oxner + Permar a call.  You’ll be able to speak to an actual attorney today.

Be Careful When Driving in Winter Weather!

Be Careful When Driving in Winter Weather!

North Carolina winters can be pretty unpredictable. It can be 70 and sunny one day, and then snowing and freezing a few days later. Because of this, we’ve developed a reputation for being a state that doesn’t handle the snow well, and to some extent, it’s true. As infrequently as it snows here, it’s usually easier to close everything down until the snow clears up and it’s safe for us to leave our homes again. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for everyone, and with the snow comes an uptick in accidents and injuries.

When it comes to workers’ compensation and winter weather, there are a few important things to take into consideration. First, you are not covered by workers’ compensation on your commute. So if you come into work on a snowy day and get injured in a car accident on your way to your job, that injury won’t be covered by workers’ comp. When dealing with winter weather, we recommend that you don’t risk it. If you can work from home or take time off, you definitely should!


This is a little different for those who have to drive for their jobs. Whether you’re running deliveries or on a business trip, if you get into a car accident while driving for your work, your injuries should be covered by workers’ compensation regardless of whether or not the accident was technically your fault. And of course this doesn’t apply to just wintery weather conditions. Whatever the circumstance, you’ll be able to seek compensation if an accident occurs while you’re driving on-the-job.


When it comes to winter weather, be careful! Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover your commute to work. Be sure to contact an experienced attorney if you have any questions.

Will My Medical Malpractice Case Hold Up in Court?

Personal Injury

Will My Medical Malpractice Case Hold Up in Court?

When we visit the doctor, we’re putting our trust in them…counting on them to know what they’re doing and that they’re doing what’s best for us. After all, they’ve been to medical school and are trained to understand how the human body works and what we need when we’re sick or injured. However, doctors are human and as the saying goes: to err is human. So what happens when a doctor or other medical professional makes a mistake and you find yourself more injured in the process? Will an attorney take on your case?


This is one of those tricky situations in which I have to say “it depends.” Unfortunately, medical malpractice suits are often very complex and difficult. In 2014 of all the medical malpractice cases in North Carolina, only 147 of them received settlements. This means many attorneys can be very wary of these kinds of cases, and some won’t take them on at all.
It’s good to know that at Oxner + Permar we do take on medical malpractice cases. If you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, we invite you to give us a call. That way we can assess whether or not your case will likely hold up in court. We have a lot of experience dealing with these kinds of cases, which means we know what we’re looking for. We won’t take on a case we know doesn’t stand a chance, but we can at least advise you on how to proceed. And in the case that you do have a court-worthy claim, we’re ready to stand up for you.


If you’ve been the victim of a medical malpractice case, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer free phone consultations so that we can assess your case.