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Wrongful Termination of Workers’ Compensation Payments


Wrongful Termination of Workers’ Compensation Payments


You’ve been hurt on the job and your insurance company has been sending weekly workers’ compensation payments, but all of a sudden, with no notice, those checks stop coming in. Unfortunately, all too often, insurance carriers cease sending checks before they are supposed to—before you are able to return to work. How can you continue to support yourself when your workman’s compensation checks have been discontinued? Did you know that insurance companies are required to get permission to discontinue checks from the Industrial Commission, unless you have returned to work?

As attorneys who specialize in workers’ compensation, we’ve seen a great number of cases in which clients have experienced wrongful termination of their weekly checks. However, this is good news because when the insurance companies have not gone through the proper channels, we can get your checks reinstated. We have experience working these cases and have the ability to request that your checks be reinstated, ensuring a much faster process than a full evidentiary hearing. That means you can focus on your recovery and get back to work when you are ready.


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