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Workers’ Compensation for the Employee Working Two Jobs


Workers’ Compensation for the Employee Working Two Jobs

The modern economy has brought about an interesting change in the way people ensure they have an income: Many workers have been forced to take two part-time jobs raSick leave - employment issues and concepts word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.ther than having one, full-time position. While this helps solve an income challenge, it presents potential confusion on the topic of workers’ compensation: What’s my coverage if I am injured on the job?


Perhaps you are like so many others today, and you have opted for two part-time jobs. What would you do if you experience a work injury on the job? Are you familiar with how a workman’s comp claim is handled when you are injured at one job and end up needing to miss work days at both places of employment? It is important to know that the Workers’ Compensation Act does not require insurance companies to pay for time m
issed at both jobs—only the position at which the injury occurred.


Even though this is the case, you may have other rights you’re not aware of. Oxner + Permar can help you identify, understand and fight for those rights. Years of experience, a keen understanding of the law, and more than $275 million of awards and settlements mean that we are uniquely qualified to help you get the compensation you deserve.