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Workers’ Comp: Getting Insurance companies to accept liability


Workers’ Comp: Getting Insurance companies to accept liability

Getting Insurance Companies to Accept Liability

I’ve seen the situation time and time again. An employer’s insurance company agrees to pay for an injured worker’s medical bills, but they refuse to accept liability for the injury. The problem is, liability is a critical element of a workman’s comp case—and insurance companies should not be allowed off the hook.

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If you’ve been injured on the job, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the details of your case, especially since you are facing the challenge of recovery and being able to perform on the job again as soon as possible. As you are getting everything lined up for your worker’s compensation case, remember this important factor: In order to avoid any issues, it is critical that you force the insurance company to file the appropriate forms accepting liability for the claim. If you feel uncertain, hire an attorney to assist you in this process. Whether you go it alone or with a caring, knowledgeable attorney on your side, holding the insurance companies responsible for their part is worth every penny of compensation when you’ve been injured in the workplace.

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