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Social Security Disability: Maintaining Medical Treatment


Social Security Disability: Maintaining Medical Treatment

Maintaining Medical Treatment While Applying for Disability Benefits


The transition between receiving workman’s compensation benefits and social security disability benefits can feel like a long process. After sustaining a work injury, many people get their medical treatment through their workman’s compensation, and once their workers’ comp ends, they apply for social security disability. Without the benefits of workers’ comp many people see non-emergency medical treatment as a luxury they can’t afford. Unfortunately, Social Security sees the lack of treatment as highly suspicious and may use it as a basis for denying their claim. Therefore, it is critical that you continue getting medical treatmenSocial Security Benefits Formt while applying for social security disability benefits.


For someone who is running on a tight budget, this might seem like a challenge. If you are struggling to make ends meet, know that options are available. A number of sliding scale clinics offer basic medical treatment for nominal fees (usually around $5 or $10). At Oxner + Permar, we’re happy to point you in the right direction to ensure you’re receiving consistent medical treatment that reflects the full extent of your disability. What matters most is your health— and that you are in the strongest position possible at the time of your hearing to make sure that your rights are being protected.