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What to Do When You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement


What to Do When You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement


After you sustain a work injury, there will come a time when you have either completely recovered or reached a point when no major improvements can be made. We refer to this point as “maximum medical improvement.” At this time, your workman’s compensation insurance company is going to request a hearing to assess your condition. Based on their assessment, they will determine how much worker’s comp they will continue to pay out.

This payout amount is critical to your means of living; therefore it’s important to seek a second opinion from another doctor—and soon. This additional evaluation will provide you more treatment options and another assessment of your rating. Having this information documented will give you an edge with the insurance companies and allow you to negotiate benefits that are fair to you. Things move very quickly, so get the second opinion as soon as the workers’ comp insurance company files the hearing request.MMI


At Oxner + Permar, we understand how important it is to receive fair compensation for your injuries. We’re passionate about making sure our clients get the benefits they deserve. We don’t settle for less and neither should you–make sure you get a documented second opinion from another doctor to ensure you’re in the best position to receive the best possible workers’ comp payout.