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The First Steps to Take When Injured at Work


The First Steps to Take When Injured at Work

Report of work injury

In a rapidly growing city such as Charlotte, construction is a constant, and with so many construction sites, accidents at work are bound to happen. So when you’ve been hurt on the job, are you taking the steps you need to ensure you’re being fully compensated by your workman’s comp?

All too often, workers don’t report their accidents to their employers or go to see a doctor. Only when their injury worsens or persists longer than they initially expected it would, do they seek our help. By this time, it’s often months after their initial work injury. At this point, the claim is denied and we’re trying to help build a case against the insurance carrier. However, the insurance carrier will often point to the fact that there is no written report and no immediate medical evidence of the incident other than the client’s word, which can make it very difficult to get the full amount of compensation they need and deserve.

As a highly experienced lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation, I see cases such as this all too frequently. To make sure you don’t find yourself in a similar situation, my advice is when you get injured at work, make sure you file an accident report or tell your employer about the incident in writing; then go to a doctor ASAP.

It might seem like a hassle if it turns out to be nothing, but if your injury does worsen or is worse than you’d initially thought, you’ll have solidified some invaluable evidence for your case—and this is definitely one instance where it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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