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Eminent Domain: How does it affect your private property?

Paul Daniels

Eminent Domain:  How does it affect your private property?

How Does Eminent Domain Affect Your Private Property?

It may be hard to believe, but North Carolina law still allows the government to take private property from homeowners, farmers and small businesses and hand it over to large corporations. As long as corporations promise to develop the property and increase the tax base, land that you own could be taken away from you. In fact, it looks like that’s what is currently happening in our own Four Oaks area. Take a look at some of the recent news coverage of this important and contentious issue.

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While several efforts have recently been made to change this law, so far none have been successful. I believe that an amended law could be right around the corner, but even so, it is important for private property owners be ever mindful of their rights in issues of eminent domain, like that of the Forest Oaks community.


It can be terribly unsettling when  your home or business is being put at risk through no fault of your own, but there is help. Oxner + Permar has seen—and won—scores of cases in which citizens who feared they had no one on their side. With our team, they found the support and expertise they needed to go up against someone seemingly bigger and better resourced. Make sure you know your rights if you are facing a threat to the place you call “home.” Get the legal assistance you need to protect your property or to be awarded a settlement when you suspect the law is not being carried out justly.