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Dangerous Drugs & Devices: What Are Your Rights?


Dangerous Drugs & Devices: What Are Your Rights?

What Are Your Rights When Medical and Drug Treatments Go Wrong?

Carlino v. Ethicon

It’s frightening when the treatment that you thought was going to solve a medical issue and help turn your health around ends up doing the exact opposite. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a patient to go into a procedure hopeful and come out in a even worse position.

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This was exactly the case for Ms. Sharon Carlino, who experienced a number of serious threats to her health after she was implanted with Gynecare transvaginal tape for incontinence. After this initial procedure, Carlino had to have multiple corrective surgeries to revise or remove the mesh, part of which had eroded. When the doctor couldn’t remove all of the mesh, Carlino suffered from mesh erosion, mesh exposure, mesh contraction, infection, inflammation, scar tissue, organ perforation, dyspareunia, blood loss, pelvic flood damage, pelvic pain and recurrent urinary incontinence.


The experience was harrowing for Carlino. But, luckily, she had the confidence to seek justice. Carlino filed her case, alleging a defective manufacture and design of the transvaginal tape, a failure to warn of the dangerous nature of the product, among other claims. After she had her day in court, Carlino was awarded $13.5 million—$3.5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.


If you’re currently dealing with a situation like Carlino’s, in which a product you were administered was harmful or a physician did not provide the proper care, don’t shy away from seeking legal assistance. When the case is handled by an experienced law firm like Oxner + Permar, chances are excellent that you’ll get the awards and settlement you deserve.