Blog: Is Workers’ Compensation available to Temps in Winston Salem?

Is Workers’ Compensation Available to Temps in Winston SalemDepressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at home?
After the recession, the number of people working temporary jobs increased dramatically. According to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal, North Carolina in particular saw a significant increase in temporary employment—52 percent from 2009-2013. What does being a temp mean if you are injured on the job? What happens if you are working temp-to-hire and you get hurt before your placement offers you a full-time position? Do workman’s comp benefits still apply to you?

In many instances, the temp agency covers workplace injuries, but cases are very rarely black and white. Many complicating factors are at play, and it pays to know exactly what your rights are. With more than $275m in workers’ comp awards and settlements, the team at Oxner + Permar has just about seen it all. We’re able to win cases because of the time, care and expertise we dedicate to each one. As more North Carolina companies outsource their job fulfillment to temporary agencies, the issue of how to handle workplace injuries for temps will continue to be a hot topic in the Triad. In a system in which details of the law can be extremely complicated, having someone on your side—to interpret the laws, uncover opportunities and fight for your rights—is a tremendous advantage. Make sure you are fully informed and supported.

Many complicating factors are at play for temporary workers who’ve been injured on the job. It pays to have someone on your side who doesn’t just know your rights, but will fight for them.