Blog: Asheville NC | The Risks of Maintaining a Facebook Account While You’re Fighting a Legal Battle

Asheville Istanbul, Turkey - September 18, 2015: Apple Iphone 6 screen with social media applications of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope while a male finger is about to touch on Facebook app.NC|The Risks of Maintaining a Facebook Account While You’re Fighting a Legal Battle

Facebook is a fun and popular way to communicate and socialize. It’s also an especially easy way to keep friends and family updated on the latest happenings in your life. But what happens if the wrong person uses what you post against you? This scenario can be big trouble for anyone embroiled in a legal battle.


Posting on Facebook might seem like an innocent thing to do, but the problem is that Facebook pictures and statements can become relevant evidence in a case like workers’ compensation. Recently, while attending a mediation with my client, the defense attorney started talking about everything on her Facebook page. Because she had communicated openly on her page and not taken the opportunity to remove her account from his view, the defense attorney knew things about my client that were interesting and relevant to the issues in the case. I always advise my clients to pull down their Facebook page. As a plaintiff, you never want insurance companies looking into your life and taking advantage of social media information that they use against you in their defense.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to fully delete your Facebook account; there is a way to simply deactivate it if you think you’ll want to return to it in the future. Regardless, take your attorney’s advice and make sure that your case is not threatened because of a simple Facebook post you created in passing. Your livelihood is much more important, and that’s what matters most to the team at Oxner + Permar.


Don’t let your Facebook account ruin your chances of earning the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.