One common misconception people have about experiencing a work injury is that they have to be physically doing their job when injured in order to be covered under workers’ comp.


Although most cases involving workers’ compensation injuries do happen when you are clocked in, at the job site, and doing your work, that isn’t always the case. No one can control when and where an accident will take place. The Workers’ Compensation Act understands that and offers some additional protections.  


These cases can be very fact-specific, but some of the most common times you can be covered are prior to clocking in, during breaks at work, and at lunch. There are many other circumstances when you may be covered but a lot depends on the location of the accident, the timing of the accident, as well as who owned and maintained the property where your accident happened.


It is best to contact an attorney if you got hurt before clocking in, during a break, while at lunch, or after clocking out—but while you were still at work. Your injury may fit into one of the fact patterns where you are still protected by the Workers’ Compensation Act.


If you experienced an injury and you’re not sure if you’re covered, give Oxner + Permar a call for a free consultation. We will go over the details to help you determine if you are covered.