Personal Injury

If I’m involved in an accident, what should I do?

Personal Injury
  • Call 911, if you’re able, if you or others need immediate medical assistance.
  • Notify the police so they can come to the scene to investigate and file a report.
  • If there are witnesses nearby who were not involved in the accident, talk to each one and get comments and names, addresses and phone numbers. They may not be there by the time the police get to the scene, and you may need to contact the witnesses later to strengthen your case.
  • When giving information to the police officer about the accident, be sure to tell him of any injuries or concerns so that he will document them in his report.
  • Take photographs at the scene: of your vehicle (including one with the license plate), other vehicles, the scene of the accident (including skid marks on the road, a broken fence, etc.) and any physical injuries. You can use your cell phone camera or a disposable camera that you keep in your car.
  • If your car must be towed, be sure you know where it’s going.
  • If you need treatment or are in pain, see a doctor. Even if your injuries appear minor, a doctor can note your comments of any stiffness or soreness. You may need to visit the doctor again if it turns out that your pain increases.