Eminent Domain

Look around you. Things change, and expand, and grow. You see new power lines; new or expanded roads and highways; new pipelines; and new shopping centers. Most of the time it’s great and exciting. But all too often that “progress” is taking place at the expense of homeowners and private property.

The legal doctrine of Eminent Domain has existed before the creation of our country. Eminent Domain means the government can take private land to be used for public purposes.

Is this right abused? Absolutely. The government can take private land to let a favorite company or contractor build a public project. Some projects, like new power lines, are necessary – but others are certainly not.

We think it’s wrong when the government inappropriately takes land for a questionable project. And we think it’s wrong when the government doesn’t properly pay the landowner for that property. We rectify that mistake; we make those wrongs right.

“Progress” does not justify citizen abuse. Our goal is simple: we work to make sure the government pays you, the landowner, the true value of your property – not just what they feel it’s worth.

Can you guess which agency wrote the laws on advocating for your property’s true value? The same government which is trying to take your land. Let’s just say they didn’t make it a straightforward or simple process.

That’s where we come in. We protect your interests from start to finish, working with appraisers and other experts, and taking your case to trial, if necessary. The best part is that we do all of this with no risk to you whatsoever. We are only paid if we get you more money than the government originally offered you.

If we cannot deliver results you don’t owe us a thing. That’s how we make wrongs right.