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Case Study : Settlement Agreements

family law divorce

Settlement Agreements

Joe and Elizabeth were married and had one child. Due to unhappy circumstances, the parties separated after a couple of years. Although they were only married for a short period of time, Joe and Elizabeth still acquired property during their marriage.

After Elizabeth came to our firm to assist her, we were able to recognize that there were a number of issues in the case, including equitable distribution (property division), child custody, and child support. The parties did not have communication issues that would prevent them from cooperating with one another. However, having a child involved, along with marital assets and debt that were acquired (including retirement accounts, bank accounts, and personal property), Elizabeth wanted to make sure she knew all of her rights and protected herself.

With our professional advice, Joe and Elizabeth were able to obtain a divorce and enter into a consent order regarding custody of their son. Moreover, we assisted the parties with preparing the necessary documents to achieve a settlement incorporating the issues of child support and property division. Neither party had to appear in court throughout their separation and divorce process.