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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Service Men and Women

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Service Men and Women

The Oxner + Permar team supports our troops. We take time to remember and thank our service men and women on Memorial Day—and throughout the year. We support charities that help our service men and women lead safe, healthy lives. And when our service men and women have been injured during their civilian job or they are struggling on the job with injuries sustained during their service, we are there for them. In fact, our firm has assisted a number of soldiers who are working after being discharged from service.  


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for work injuries and service injuries to create too many obstacles for service men and women to return to gainful employment. If you (or someone you know) is in this same position, it is important to have an attorney on your side, fighting for your rights. Oxner + Permar helps servicemen and women coordinate workers’ compensation benefits as well as social security disability. There are more options available than you may realize. With our guidance and support, you’ll find a path forward to the quality of life you’ve worked so hard for—and that is so important, especially given the sacrifices you’ve made to help others.


Oxner + Permar is a proud supporter of our troops. We have the compassion, knowledge and experience to ensure that our service men and women get the workman’s comp and social security benefits they deserve.

Keep Yourself Safe at Work

Safety first handwritten in white chalk with a yellow hard hat and red ear muffs in the fore ground.Keep Yourself Safe at Work

Over the last few years, the housing market in Raleigh has really been booming. With all of the new people moving to the area, we’ve seen huge growth in the amount of new construction. However, with all of the blessings of economic growth come some unavoidable problems. With an increase in construction and construction jobs, we also see an increase of job site accidents and work injuries.

From all of us at Oxner + Permar, please remember to stay safe on the job. While finishing a project may seem all-important at the time, don’t use a deadline as an excuse to cut corners when it comes to following safety regulation and using the proper safety equipment. The best way to avoid dealing with worker’s compensation is to not need it in the first place!

Of course, even when following proper procedures, accidents can happen. We’ve seen all kinds of injuries including orthopedic injuries caused by falls from ladders, roofs, and scaffolds. What you might not know is that even if you are working for a subcontractor who does not provide workman’s comp, you may still fall under the worker’s comp policy for the general contractor.

If you work in construction and find yourself injured at on the job, be sure to contact an attorney for a free 30 minute consultation. Make sure you are taking the steps to ensure that your rights are being protected.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Up to Your Hospital

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Up to Your Hospital

Claims against big hospitals can be intimidating. As a hospital employee, you may feel like you’re David going up against Goliath. But at Oxner + Permar, we have the experience and resources to ensure that this is a fair fight. We’ve worked with nurses, hospital support, CNAS, respiratory therapists, ultrasound technicians, and many other medical professionals. We know how to work within the medical field to get the benefits that injured workers deserve.

In our experience, medical professionals are great at helping others in need, but often don’t recognize when they themselves need help. On top of that, medical professionals are faced with the challenge of having to seek treatment outside of the hospital or medical facility where they work. We understand that it is critical to keep your medical condition and treatment confidential.

As attorneys with extensive experience dealing with worker’s comp cases in the medical field, we are huge advocates of medical professionals. We’re passionate about making sure that those who care for others are taken care of themselves. With $275 million in awards and settlements, the team at Oxner + Permar has the experience to make sure that you’re getting the care you deserve.

Don’t be intimidated by your hospital, if you’ve been injured in the medical field. Be sure you are protecting your rights and that someone is on your side, fighting for you.

Be Safe This Summer on the Job!

Be Safe This Summer on the Job!

Summertime means it’s also time for tourists to flock to the Coast, seeking sun, sand, and a bit of relaxation. With the influx of tourists comes an increased need for workers. In Wilmington, the workforce almost doubles in the summertime. Workers’ compensation might not be your first thought when it comes to summer, but the reality is, with as many additional workers as there are, the risk of workplace injury also increases, especially in restaurants and the service industry.

As attorneys who specialize in workmans’ comp, we often see an increase in work injuries over the summer. For instance, we recently helped a Wilmington native who was injured while servicing a pool rental. As a result of his work injury, he required a full knee replacement. Fortunately, we were able to help him get the medical assistance that he needed, and the settlement he deserved.

From all of us at Oxner + Permar, enjoy your summer and the increased wages it brings, but be safe! And if you or someone you know is injured on the job, please be sure to contact an attorney for free advice.

Join Us for the 9th Annual Run, Walk and Roll for Rehab

Join Us for the 9th Annual Run, Walk and Roll for Rehab—and Help People Reclaim Their Lives!
Oxner + Permar believes in taking care of injured workers and their families—and our support reaches far beyond the courtroom. One way we help those injured on the job is to sponsor community support services like those offered to adults and children whose lives have been altered by serious injury or disease. Oxner + Permar is a proud “Gold Level” supporter of Vidant Health Rehabilitation Service’s Rehab Road Race. The Run, Walk and Roll for Rehab 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk will be held on September 24, 2016, and we hope you’ll join us for this fun and touching event.

In addition to raising critical funds, this Run, Walk and Roll for Rehab promotes outdoor recreation for people of all levels of physical abilities with a course that accommodates racing wheelchairs, sport chairs and hand-crank bicycles. The net proceeds benefit important programs and services for patients. For example, donations from previous races have been used to further expand Vidant’s specialty equipment that helps improve muscle strength and balance, and promotes independence in daily living. Such equipment and services enables Vidant to fulfill their mission of helping people reclaim their lives.

The team at Oxner + Permar is passionate about helping injured workers make a recovery after an injury. Please consider sponsoring and/or registering for the Run, Walk and Roll event. Support from community members and sponsors is essential. You can sign up online and learn more here. Contact Kathy Garren, Chair of Rehab Road Race Committee, at 252-847-0207 for additional information.
Together, we can make an incredible difference in the lives of countless patients and families who depend on Vidant Health Rehabilitation Services. Hope to see you on the course in September!

Join the team at Oxner + Permar in making a difference in the lives of injured workers. Register for the Run, Walk and Roll event in September for a fun way to make a big impact!