About Us

How We Work
In 2005 Todd Oxner and Chip Permar formed the workers’ compensation section of the firm’s flagship office in Greensboro, North Carolina. The firm underwent rapid expansion and, by 2009, had nine offices across the state. In 2012 the firm expanded into South Carolina.Since its inception Oxner + Permar has been devoted to providing clients with the best possible service. Despite our large footprint we have no interest in being a “big box” law firm. Our attorneys and paralegals carry smaller caseloads than the industry
standard so they can provide the individual attention and skilled care each case deserves.We want you to understand what you are up against. In every case our first step is to share as much information as possible about your potential claim. If you are looking at other law firm’s websites look closely to see if they just call themselves “experts” or if they prove it with the quality of information they offer. Oxner + Permar is not a factory or mill. Every case has one thing in common, a person, and no one should ever be treated like a number. We believe this so strongly that we’ll still provide you with information for your case, even if you don’t need an attorney.The next step in your case is to speak with an attorney. Paralegals have their place in a law office; but we think it is critical that you speak with a lawyer at your initial meeting. We’ll talk over the phone about how we work and what’s going on with your case. At that point you should know if you want to go further and meet with us face-to-face.
The third step is to personally meet with a lawyer. This meeting is important because it may help you feel comfortable with a decision to hire us. It’s important to know that this is not a sales meeting in any way – we don’t work that way and we would never try to talk you into hiring us. You only get one chance to handle your case properly: we want you to be 100% committed to us just as we’ll be 100% committed to you.At the initial meeting we’ll work together to lay out the goals you have for your case and come up with a plan of attack. From that point forward we’ll continue to reference that roadmap to make sure we’re still headed in the right direction. Many times people are coming to us because something’s gone wrong and they need help. They’ve filed a claim on their own but aren’t getting anywhere. They’ve already lost benefits or rights because they agreed to something without consulting an attorney. They’ve unexpectedly lost a loved one because of a dangerous medication or medical device. They’ve been seriously injured and are getting pushed around by an adjustor. These situations are just a few examples but, if nothing else, you need to know that the system is not set up to help the person who has been wronged.Unlike many law firms, we have an open door policy. We understand your questions are very real and personal, sometimes a face-to-face meeting can make the world of difference. And while we have a staff of highly-skilled paralegals we believe you need a lawyer working your file – not just a case manager or paralegal. We mean it when we say our clients can always schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney.